May 16 • 50M

Tickle v Giggle (or is it Giggle v Tickle?)

Either way, Sall Grover will prevail!

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Julie Bindel
Sall Grover
Feminism: not the fun kind
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Roxanne Tickle

Today I'm speaking with Sall Grover, an Australian businesswoman who is the co-founder of the female only networking app Giggle, and I can tell that you are already guessing where this story is going.

Roxanne Tickle, a man who identifies not just as a transwoman but as female is taking Sall to court and saying that his gender identity is protected under the Sex Discrimination Act, because unfortunately, Australia passed this bonkers law a few years ago. Julia Gillard, Australia’s first female Prime Minister who made the big ‘misogyny speech’ in parliament, subsequently sold women’s sex-based rights down the river. Under her leadership, gender identity trumped sex in an amendment to current sex discrimination laws.

Men like Tickle can now legally challenge female only spaces, businesses, laws - you name it.

Tickle (Instagram)

Well, Sall's not having it, as you will hear. She is going to challenge Roxanne Tickle all the way through the courts because Sall is arguing that the Sex discrimination Act as it currently is with its gender, woo woo is unconstitutional.

She needs our support against this creepy dude.

And you know what, Roxanne, if you like, come for me too, and I'll see you in court.