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I am a feminist campaigner, writer, and investigative journalist. My latest book is Feminism for Women: The Real Route to Liberation (Little Brown, 2021), which explores the tsunami of misogynistic backlash that feminists have encountered this past decade and more. To relax, I imagine a world free of male violence towards women and girls. If that doesn't work, a negroni and a browse of Netflix usually do the trick.

I have lived in London since 1987, and still get lost on the underground. I live with my partner, a feminist/human rights lawyer, and two rescue animals. My dog, Maisie, once won a lookie-likie competition (a fundraiser for Pride) due to her uncanny likeness to the late Princess Diana. To be fair, it was only because Jackie Collins didn't show up.

I write for Unherd, Observer, Sunday Times, The Critic, Spectator, Telegraph, Mail on Sunday, Tortoise, Prospect, and more. I am a keen broadcaster, and love to travel far and wide to investigate stories which relate to the topic of this newsletter: misogyny.

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Misogyny: what is it and why won't it die?


I am a feminist broadcaster and writer, and will be exploring the issue of misogyny; what is it and why won't it die?