"When a man wears a T-shirt that says he is a feminist, many women go soft and think the man is lovely and a hero."

Those men are both a) laughable and b) odious creeps. All that T-shirt says is, "I hope to encounter a woman who is so gullible that she falls for this shit and lets me into her knickers".

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I love reading your writing... and not just because I agree with most of it. :-)

Keep being YOU.

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Agree with some but not all Julie.

Capitalism needs to be replaced but with what? Who has an opinion I can believe?

It was easy to be pro-second wave but having studied the psychology and sociology of today, it is very difficult to believe third/4th wave feminism and its monotheistic credo

If toxic masculinity can be due to well known sex differences in physical violence, higher levels of psychopathy and sociopathy as well as other disorders then we should be able to define toxic femininity, not in self-serving feminist terms of internalized oppression, but in terms of its own pathologies. Lower levels of psychopathy but higher levels of other disorders with associated callousness and emotional dysregulation. (e..g. BPD/HD)

Most people do not realise that we can be talking about 10% or more of BOTH the female and male population in these terms. (Clinical and subclinical)

So Andrea Dworkin was perhaps statistically unlucky in coming across so many assholes in her lifetime. But its not as improbable as one might think. We should not wonder at her projecting this vitriol upon everyone else.

Nor do most people realize, for example, that rates of lesbian partner violence (according to CTS studies) are actually higher than both homo and heterosexual partner violence.

Nor do they realize that girls today perpetrate dating violence at higher rates than boys and that relational violence is perhaps the only type of violence where women score higher generally.

Therein lies the real feminist challenge to "Patriarchal norms of male violence", increase perpetration!

If you can't beat them(sic), join them!!

As for sexism, the elephant in the room that no one mentions is that women score higher in relevant sub categories of benevolent sexism AND in implicit bias. So if you believe the IAT applies to the construct of race then the feminists need to acknowledge their own biases are actually greater.

The University Student Ella who is probably studying somewhere where the male student population is now only 40% vs 60% women. If she is doing Veterinary Sciences, it is more likely to be 80% women. She probably does not know that in the US today white men are underrepresented in STEM or that women are more likely to be hired. But how would she know. A feminist is not going to tell her that?

Feminists naturally put themselves at the top of the ladder of hierarchical oppression but Chomsky and Zizek actually understand the problem with intersectionality.

It becomes more about antipathy towards the other, rather than empathy for the ingroup.

And the TERFs themselves should well know this to be the case..............

P.S. Happy to provide citations for any of the above.

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