Wonderful interview. I'd give my right arm and several teeth to be attending these conferences each year. Please know that there are so many women who, under different circumstances, would be first in the queue to swell the growing numbers that Filia attracts. If all of us that wanted to be there were able, we'd need venues the size of the O2 (Not that I've ever been, but it looks pretty huge)Have a fabulous conference and please share as much as possible. Sisterhood for always ✊

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Oct 6, 2022·edited Oct 6, 2022

From FiLiA's website ré Sex-Based Rights.

"Gender is a patriarchal mechanism to justify the subjugation of women in order to benefit the domination of men."

👌Check. The abstraction (and mythical) attribute called 'gender' is a clever proxy for sex and provides a foundation for sex-role stereotypes that are the fundamental instrument of our oppression.


"To argue, or worse yet, to legislate that gender is an innate essence which lies within every human being is to hold women and girls responsible for our own oppression."

Yes. Gender is a feeling not an empirical fact, but I do not see how one can say that it holds us responsible for our own oppression unless you also claim that is the IMMUTABLE CAUSE of sex-based stereotypical behaviors. Is that the logical causal link? If so it is an implicit one.

Personally I hold that the word gender - as an attribute of humans - is absurd and incoherent; it is only useful as a rhetorical weapon to further the political aims of TRAs whose ideology is misogynistic and homophobic to the core.

Good luck and great progress at FiLiA!

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Looking forward to finding out more about FiLia's project to support women who are exiting prostitution. Would also love to attend, but it's a bit far for me to travel to. To those attending: have a great time!

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